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MoW WoW Mega Wonk is a narrative-driven VR experience that teleports you into a kids’ TV show.

It takes the brightly coloured visuals of pre-school television and repurposes them to tell a fast-moving, action-packed, super-hero comedy adventure.

It’s a dark fairy tale with a super-hero slant, intended for the child inside us all. 

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MoW WoW MegaWonk is the protoype pilot episode of a series intended for VR and the pancake world of traditional television.

Created using Unreal Engine, performances are captured in real-time and frames render in milliseconds.

Making the unreal real has never been easier...

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The Mousey-Wousey MegaWonk club: four outlaw super-hero mice protecting a city that fears them and thinks they’re “kinda funny looking.”

 Jailed for crimes they did not commit; they were taken from their homes and imprisoned in the Stumpington Maximum Security Penitentia-Tree. 

Experimented on by crazy mad-men wizards, they were given strange new abilities and powers. For what reason remains unknown. 

Then, Jailbreak!  And a daring escape.

Milly, Norbert, Olaf and Token, together they are... MoW WoW MegaWonk!

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Let's MegaWonk!

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